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A foray into farming films

An influx of television shows flaunt the joys of farming characters and countryside, but sometimes fail to document the uncertain rhythms of disease, weather and family expectations. A handful of films, albeit on an independent scale, have tackled social issues in farming and the diverse folk who live and work in rural spaces. They are poignant works of cinema in their own right for capturing the tensions and synergies between nature and culture, as the storytelling gives a voice to rural communities.  I couldn’t start without a mention of the myriad of children’s films which focus on farming life. The likes of Chicken Run, Charlotte’s Web or Babe focus on animals’ perspectives by drawing on a common theme which demonises a farmer for deciding their fate. By looking through the eyes of a livestock animal, they are given agency which lets us consider the boundary-making between humans and animals, as well as the differences between types of animals. After all, if Babe’s status is repurp

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