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Rams, kinship and farmer-animal relations

Agricultural show in Rams (2020). Image cred: IMDb Farming is known for its will to keep the job in the family. In the same vein, Rams (2020) focuses on two farming brothers who are joined by blood but separated physically and emotionally by a fence and the absence of conversation. They haven't spoken for years due to tensions of inheritance, but like any farming neighbours they cannot exist independently of the local environment. It’s not until their shared dog spots a new-born lamb over the fence that the united front amongst farmers to care for land and livestock is highlighted. It turns out that the brothers communicate using their dog as a messenger who passes written notes between them. Research suggests that dogs can facilitate social interaction with others, for example between strangers in public parks who might start by   introducing their dogs. T his case is different in that their sheepdog is not only a conversational piece which draws them together, but a mediator of

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