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Zootopia, rural beginnings and workplace sexism

Judy's first day on the job. Cred: IMDb Disney has become the home of feminist film according to some, with the company having to reconsider the traditional tropes of fairy tales in which a helpless woman is rescued by a heroic prince. The film Zootopia follows Judy Hopps as she leaves rural life to venture to the city to become part of the police. She pursues her ambition, despite the expectation of her parents that she would join them working on the farm on which she had grown up. Judy’s country background resonates with assumptions about rurality as synonymous with a community of conservative values that must be escaped. In contrast, Zootropolis is pictured as the home of diverse folk, filled with opportunities for self-improvement and a far cry away from the lifestyle she would lead by following the family business. This trajectory is comparable for young people who are able to migrate to university towns. Yet, rural locales shouldn't be over-simplified or the meaning att

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