C Wright Mills would be proud

Today marks the end of an era. Today I handed in my undergraduate dissertation and have a Summer away from university ahead of me - a daunting thought. But alas, an opportune moment to start a blog in attempt to hone my sporadic sociological musings into some kind of meaningful content. Sociology, like many other arts, disposes you to a certain way of thinking which is critical, non-judgemental and changeable. An inherent curiosity for the way society works, a better understanding and sense of how it can improved which has enthused me for the past three years and I hope will do so for many more.  It seems I have described what C. Wright Mills termed the 'Sociological Imagination'. How apt that the first lecture of my degree (Introducing C.Wright Mills) has prompted these BA-concluding thoughts.

C. Wright Mills would be proud of the thriving academic blogging scene for sure. Re-reading 'The Sociological Imagination' (1959), has alerted  me to how many of his ideas resonate today. His vision for 'Intellectual Craftsmanship' within Sociology is unbelievably synonymous with rationale for blogging, for example the primacy for capturing ‘fringe-thoughts’: "various ideas which may be by-products of everyday life, snatches of conversation overheard on the street, or, for that matter, dreams... By keeping an adequate file and thus developing self-reflective habits, you learn how to keep your inner world awake.” To that end, Sociology is a craft inciting a continual process of learning and experience which this archive of sociological snippets hopes to enhance.

Despite the benefit of this blog to my personal development and the pursuit of sociology, if I can engage one other person in re-assessing common perceptions of the social world, I will be content in my practice.