MA Motivations and Me

Given I'm moving back to York in a few days to start my MA, I have started to endure the questioning of how I feel about embarking upon my postgraduate studies! Annoying at the time it may be, but an important point to ruminate if I am to get the most out of the next year.

When I look back through my undergrad, the risks I have taken have always been worthwhile: that baking analogy, the controversial badger vs. cattle debate and traipsing across fields to find female farmers to interview. Sometimes risks are worth taking and challenges are worth overcoming because that's what feeds development. The aspects I've initially dreaded, namely the dissertation, I have learnt from the most. The same in working life, the complaint of that difficult customer becomes the scenario which demonstrates the resilience and perseverance that stands out on a CV. I hope that nerves and risk continue to be so productive!

In exchange for my commitment and hard graft this year, I hope to stretch myself academically, pursue my interests further and enhance my employability. For one, I don't like the thought of being held back by a 'fear' of numerical data when it may be requisite for my future career. Reflexivity is not only relevant as a researcher for quality control during the research process but something we can benefit from in our personal and professional life. Reflecting on what went well and what didn't, preconceptions, weaknesses and opportunities can be eye-opening. I guess my enthusiasm to study for my MA has emerged out of a thirst for a challenge, an academic challenge at that, which will allow me to explore uncharted territory and justify my inclinations.

To start off on the right foot, here are My New Term Aims:
1. Find a better way of defining 'Social Research' to others (this may help me to break things down too!) Blog post coming soon!
2. Ditch any negative vibes - asking for help and not being afraid to change plans
3. Having outlets outside of work to get the balance right
4. Using feedback wisely - speaking to staff and acting on it

Do you make yourself aims, goals or resolutions in your work or studies?