PhD Beginnings

Again and again I've heard the perils of finding time for a social media presence as an academic in addition to the bread and butter commitments of a PhD. I perhaps hadn't appreciated the realities of this until now. In the midst of new routines and admins over the last few months, inspiration for sociological snippets for my blog has not been a priority.

Having said that, starting to teach first year students has been reinvigorating.  In taking a step back from my research trajectories to run seminars, not only can I share students' eureka moments but also engage with the topics which initially sparked my own sociological imagination during my undergraduate degree. By going back to basics and being on the other side of the classroom, I have realised my own progression, and of course the golden rule that clarity should ALWAYS be valued over complexity!

Despite teaching preparation and classes providing the weeks with structure, I'm learning that creating daily targets are important to feel successful and motivated, as well as, to make efficient use of all that time for 'independent study'!! The best advice from my supervisors so far is to get into a writing routine, to which I hope this blog contributes, in order to keep track of my reading and make any set work less of a chore. I'm starting to do those 'employable' things that PhD students are meant to do too such as 'networking' (attending a conference), 'professional development' (organising a conference) and 'personal development' (presenting about my masters research). Watch this space as the learning curve develops...

#PHDlife in pics: presentations, reading and making the office homely