Podcast picks for animal or agriculture lovers

I have always been a fan of podcasts and at the moment it seems apt to share some suggestions to help keep us engaged and entertained. Following the themes of my research interests, here are some hidden gems to enjoy learning about all things pets and farming. If you give them a try, let me know your thoughts by leaving a message in the comments.

Rock and Roll Farming 
Welsh farmer Will Evans interviews farmers and industry experts to bring you the human stories behind food production. If you’re after a laugh, take a look at the episode with the ‘Stand Up Farmer’ or if you’d like to feel inspired by those overcoming adversity, try ‘Nobody Puts Sophie in a Corner’.

Farming Today
This offering from BBC Radio 4 is the most regular and responds to the latest current affairs for an accessible discussion about countryside issues. Everyday during the coronavirus crisis, we hear from a farmer about how their business is being impacted which gives an insightful glimpse behind the scenes.

The Female Farmer Project Podcast
As part of a wider commitment alongside film and photography to make women in farming visible, this podcast charts the stories and expertise of women farmers across the world. Be prepared for nourishing conversations which capture the challenges and opportunities of farming and cover a range of topics which entangle farm life from social media to politics.

A short and sweet series which features light-hearted discussions about the joys of dog ownership and how relationships with companion animals become entwined with our hopes, fears and support networks.

The Petcast
The Petcast is one to watch! Run by animal charity Blue Cross, its experts and guests tackle issues including pet bereavement and the impact of pets on wellbeing. It's sure to resonate with any pet lover and is a great choice if you're currently missing the presence of pets in your life!

Animal People with Supervet
A welcome addition which caters for all animal lovers, not only dog people. The primetime vet chats to celebrities about their love for animals with his usual warmth and wisdom. The first episode features Brian May who talks about his spiritual connection with animals and the cat which one of his songs is based on.

What podcasts have you discovered recently? Do any of the above take your fancy?